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Step Three: Discover More, Build Rapport 

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Discover More - Build Rapport:  
PRO-TIP: Find common ground with them!
Use F.O.R.M. (Family Occupation Recreation Motivation) then: 

Ask “What did you love about what you saw?”  

Ask “What solutions are you seeking?” 

  • Tell them your story or teammate’s story that relates to their solution(s)

  • Ask “How much do you spend every day on your food including your groceries and eating out?”  Such as what do you eat for breakfast, Starbucks? snacks, energy drink at gas station? Eat out for lunch? Snack before bed?

  • “You are going to love this because all we are going to do is reallocate your grocery money to get you (read back to them the solutions listed in order they mentioned)” 

  • Alright (name) it looks like you are serious about ____. Let me ask you a few more questions so I can get you started with the system that fits your needs.

  • If this hasn’t been stated yet- how tall are you? How much do you weigh currently and what amount of weight do you wish to release?” (If it is about weigh loss)

  • Make sure to send them a picture of the paks.  Then ask, “Which Pak sounds the best for you and your budget?” Use the picture below to tell them about the 60 day ultimate starter pak, our most popular 30 day value pak and our basic premium 30 day pak:   Read the list of products that are included and what the cost is per day then give them the total.  “You let me know which pak fits your budget.” (They answer, you say “PERFECT!”)

  • Let them know it is rated higher than the heart healthy diet and there is a 100% 30 day money back guarantee because the company are so confident in your results.   

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