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Facebook Reach Out

Step One: Connect, Share, & Invite

First of all, let everyone know what you are doing!  If you are serious about wanting to share, consistency is KEY! 

It starts with your first Facebook post and then you keep posting everyday about what you love to do, your life, hobbies, pets and throw in a pic of you drinking your shake or celebrating one of our teammates who lost weight.  

Use the script and instructions below to get started. 



I have been following my friend,  (insert name of friend who got you started) for a while on Facebook!!!

I have been AMAZED watching the before and after pictures of all of the people that they have coached to better health and financial success. I decided to 'take the plunge' to get healthier and release this unwanted weight that I have. I am SO excited that my box of nutritional superfoods is on the way! I am more than ready to lean down, put on more lean muscle, regain the energy I have lost, and improve my overall health! I love that it is all natural high dense nutrition and no compromise products (no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, non-GMO and Gluten Free).  Take a look at some of these before and after photos!!

Watch my progress here and if you're willing to cheer me on drop a heart in the comment section below! We can all use a little support!


Like or heart then comment "Thank you!" on every comment you get. 

Then send this private message: 

I wanted to thank you personally for dropping a heart and commenting on my Facebook post. I really appreciate it!

If you would like more info on what I'm doing I can add you to my private group filled with recipes and inspiration.

Click here for instructions on adding a person to Amplified Health Facebook group

Connect or Reach Out


Reach out to genuinely complement or wish Happy Birthday on their page and via FB Messenger to your friends and ask, "How are you doing these days?" or "How are you holding up with all this?"  

PRO TIP:  Check out their most recent posts and mention it in your message such as "Great pic of you and your family at the park.  How have you been lately?"  


ADD VALUE!  Share ideas and tips that you use that help you get through your day. Be genuine.  Other ideas you can share would be exercises, yoga, snacks. foods, parenting resources, a group page or meet up, park locations, favorite book, movie or podcast. 

When they respond, validate their feelings and offer value, preferably in a voice message so they can hear the sincerity in your voice. 

(NOTE: The green highlights are where you would edit to personalize your reply.)

Negative replies about struggling/ challenges:

Example if they express struggles or challenges:   "Hi (name), I am sorry to hear you are (fill in their response).  Things will get better!  One thing that is really helping me is doing a guided morning and evening meditation. Have you ever tried that? I have some great ones I can send to you if you want! 


Positive replies: 

Example if they respond positively: "Hi (name), I am so happy to hear you are (fill in their response). The world needs all our positive energy right now for sure!  Things are going really well on my end too! I am doing these fabulous guided morning and evening meditations. Have you ever tried that? I have some great ones I can send to you if you want! 

After they reply, send them the information or link to what you are offering


Use a voice message to say, "Hey (name)! I don't know if you know this or not but I am using these cutting edge health and wellness products that have helped me so much!  I am feeling less stress, sleeping better, my skin is glowing and I feel amazing!  There is also a very lucrative business attached to this so if you know anyone looking to make a little extra money from home, let me know I've got systems in place.  We are making money online in the pockets of our day. I just wanted to make you aware of that.  By the way, how did you like the (information/ link you sent them earlier)?"

Example scripts from Ronda Coallier to send using FB Messenger in response to likes/comments on your business post:  (Preferably use a voice message.)  PRO TIP:  Practice saying this script so it sounds natural - reword it if you need so it sounds more like YOU!

Hi (name)! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your love on my business post yesterday. It so incredible to build residual income! I have been so blessed with my online business and I have proven systems for success. I wanted to let you know if you know anyone wanting to make additional income working from their phone this summer I am ready to coach a few new people to success. This type of work is perfect for anyone passionate about health and wellness, and or fitness. Thank you again! Hope you have some fun summer plans coming up too!! Time to get OUT! Lol!

Hi (name)! How are you? Rocking it I am sure!! I really respect all your success and look forward to learning more from you! I want to thank you for the love on my business posts. I appreciate that so much. I am ready to mentor a couple new people to a multiple six and seven figure residual income. If you know anyone who is a real go getter and ready for more in their life - I would so appreciate an introduction!!

Share Isagenix

Invite to Learn More

After they respond, if they want to know more, let them know you will add them to our team Facebook group and click here to follow the instructions.  



If someone asks about how it works, personalize the text or email below and include a video link...

(Click here for link to videos



The process is simple.  Our program does 2 things:   

1:  It's 100% clean, no bad chemicals or artificial ingredients    

2:  Gives your body every nutrient it needs.  Carbs, fats, protein, fiber, omegas, every vitamin and mineral, etc   

The purpose is to support our body‘s natural detox. Due to the fact our cells are full of toxins.  We breathe them in the air, household products, foods we consume, artificial sweeteners in drinks, pesticides etc.  All those toxins and chemicals are stored in your cells and can’t pass through your system unless they link with the proper nutrients, so think lock and key.  If you don’t get the proper nutrients, your cells get bogged down.  

People tell me all the time that they used to sleep better; used to have more energy or had a better metabolism. 

Well here‘s why it changed: 
Year after year we’ve been filling our cells with bad stuff (knowing or unknowingly) and now they are sluggish and not working 100%  

And when we fuel our body with the proper nutrients, that helps support our bodies own "cleansing mechanism" for our cells, they can do it better.  It gives you what you need to assist your body and give her a fighting chance to be the miracle that it is.  It’s like an oil change for your body.  No gym or running required, just let your body work from the inside out.  It’s so simple.  Here is a video of the first 30 days...


(include video link) 


Below is a example of a letter with the video links to send to some one only AFTER setting scheduled appt. with them for follow up to enroll them. Please feel free to copy any of it. Also forward to any of your team builders.

If you do copy and paste make sure you go through it and change anything that would not pertain to would you are emailing. i.e. I only send the comp plan video if I am talking to some one who wants to do business- or I wouldn't send an Athletes video to a couch person.



Hi (Name),


It was nice to meet you. 

We look forward to talking with you Thursday (Month/Day) at (Time plus time zone) 


Here's some info about our company along with the compensation plan.

Isagenix is rated above the Heart Healthy diet. 

Our Nutritional Program works in ridding the body of toxins, releases visceral fat and maintains lean muscle mass. 

Side effects are weight loss, more energy, endurance and better sleep!

There are no bad chemicals, no stimulants, no artificial flavors, no artificial sugars, gluten and soy free.

I have coached hundreds of people and had better results with Isagenix than any other program out there.


I'm sending some you a few short videos to watch -

Being that you are in sales- be sure to check out the Compensation Plan.

Talk soon!
(your name) 


Then add the video link(s) you would like them to watch


Connect on FB
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