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How to Tell Your 30-Second Story


Here is an outline for sharing your story, we want to keep the stories brief and to the point. Keeping the energy exciting and moving. Please keep your share to one minute - You can truly say a lot in one minute!  If you are sharing during a 3-way call, be prepared to answer questions.



1) Start with where you are from and your occupation.  




Hi thank you, I am from ____________ and I work for ___________. 



2) Then start your share with - Before Isagenix .........(share three problems you were experiencing)




Prior to using isagenix.....

a. I  had major issues with my sugar levels

b. I tried everything to lose these last 10 pounds

c. and, I was tired all the time and not sleeping well


Note about this: Be sure you do not mention any medical names /claims - no diabetes (say sugar issues), no high-blood pressure (say my blood work was way off!), don't say you had insomnia (say you couldn't sleep), and please do not say isagenix got you off any medication. You can share your medical history but be careful you describe the issue WITHOUT using the medical terms. 


3) You share how you found isagenix 



I saw my friend posting about isagenix on Facebook and her story was so compelling, so I decided to give it a try. 



4) What program your started with



I purchased the Value pak.


5) Your current results.....three items



a. I have lost 10 pounds and 23 inches 

b. and I am sleeping so much better 

c. and my sugar cravings have gone away completely!! 


6) Your future goal(s)



I am excited because I know I will be able to maintain my healthy weight and energy with this program! 



Please take a few minutes to write out your story and practice it a couple times before you share it. Use your own words and share your excitement!!!!

Click here to download the Isagenix Share Your Story Worksheet

To dig deeper into your story, you can use the questions presented by Eric Worre. 


First – create a platform for connection by telling your story.

Learn to Tell Your Story. It should be less than a minute without too many details.

The better we get at telling people our story – the more effective we will be.

There are 4 parts – Be Authentic! 

1 Your BACKGROUND – What is your background – big picture

2. What you DIDN’T LIKE about your situation

3. I found a SOLUTION– This company Isagenix – (what do you like about it – what it is providing you. I have never been more excited...)

4. How you FEEL about it – They can relate to you when you share YOUR PAIN. Create a vision of Hope and Inspiration


CALL TO ACTION – Write your story 3 times, changing it each time to get a deeper connection to your own emotion regarding your story.  

1. Create your story – less than a minute.

2. PRACTICE - Tell your story to 20-30 people ASAP

When you practice sharing your story – the better you will become in being authentic and sharing the message.

3. Get good at asking people their story. Tell me about you. Then Listen.

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