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Questions to Ask a New Friend/Prospect

Previously known as the CAKE Recipes

Health Transformation

The Roadmap To Enrollment


Ask these questions and listen hard and take notes - do not interrupt - pause a few seconds after they stop talking to be sure they are done - before asking the next question -

  1. Can I ask you a few questions to see if I/we can actually help you?

  2. What is your ultimate goal?

  3. What are your 2 to 3 areas you'd like to improve plus or minus.

  4. Why?

  5. How long have you felt this way?

  6. Do you have something coming up to work towards? Holiday wedding etc.?


If not are you setting a long-term goal or short term goal?


Great! Isabody challenge or program to hit short goal!


7. How would you feel if ???.....and then state the positive when they reach their goal talk it out to them.

Let then yak about how they would feel. Then say ok

8. And how would you feel if???.....and then state the negative talk out what it will be like when they don’t have their goal.


By that time they’re ready to do anything usually. I say great I’m glad we are having this chat today. Let’s get you started. What flavor shake do you like - choc can straw etc


Would it be helpful I recommend the absolute best program for you to (state their goal again)?


You can get started for $10 a day, $15 day, or $20 day.
$10 is our basic starter pack no extras
$15 a day includes some healthy snacks so you don’t blow it by eating unhealthy stuff in-between meals
And our $20 a day includes the basic pack, all the healthy snacks and our life changing vitamins, along with a free membership and coupons for your family and friends and your next order - it is by far the most popular pak to start with and the one I recommend for the fastest easiest results!


Which is better for you?

Click here to download the PDF

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