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Objection Scripts from Mark Greer

Use "Feel, Felt, Found"


Objection:  "No time"….. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way, could I commit to this as i am so busy with work, family, passions etc. You know what I found was I actually saved time, 5 mins found prep, 5 mins to eat calorie controlled nutritionally dense meal and so yummy. Once all the goodness kicked in after a few weeks i was feeling so good, i was finding time as my energy, sleep and recovery was so much better. If i could show you how it worked for me would you try for 30 days, i know this is the solution you have been looking for, don’t you agree?


Objection:  "No Money"…. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way, could i afford this extra cost with so much going on and bills coming in. When i stopped and thought about it, I found i was already spending more then $$ a day on two meals and when i saw, I just reallocated that money to get two Isagenix meals with better calorie controlled nutritional value, plus wellness products, cleanses, snacks, vitamins and minerals and more for less then $$/day, i actually am saving money, time and feeing so so good. 

I also found by eating the products and sharing to two friends who wanted to be healthier too, their was an option to earn some residual money on the side and get my products paid for while i got healthier with my friends and saved even more money.  How much would you spend on two meals/day, lets say breakfast and dinner/supper?


Objection:  "Done shakes before"…. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way when i was looking at this system and thought what makes these so good from other companies products. Then when i did my research and spoke to the coaches and support team of Isagenix and you know what i found, allot of companies only have one product, they don’t have system of products that work together to increase the results. other companies don’t adjust for each individuals goals  as we are all different and more so don’t have huge support network of people to coach and guide you to your goals. Also allot of these companies come and go but Isagenix is still growing organically and been around for over 19years of changing peoples health and lives around the world. Now doesn’t that sound like a better option for you?

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