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3-Way Call Instructions

There are 2 kinds of 3-Way Calls. 

  1. Q&A 3-Way Call is used anytime and every time a person you are sharing with has a question.
  2. Welcome 3-way Call is used after a person enrolls on the team.

Q&A 3-Way Call Instructions

The purpose of this call is to get questions answered. 

Your role is to message 2 to 3 mentors or team members every time you set an appointment and ask them if they are available at that day and time to hop on a 3-way call if needed, introduce the mentor/ team member to your friend, then mute yourself.  NOTE: Practice making a 3-way call with 2 team members before you have your appointment to make sure you know how to do it on your phone.


  1. 1) To Begin a Q&A 3-Way Call: 

    1. Add one of the mentors or team members you messaged earlier to your phone call. ​

    2. Make a brief introduction of the mentor/team member describing them as an expert on this topic and then introduce your friend to the mentor/ team member including key points that will help establish rapport between the between the two. then MUTE YOURSELF OUT!

    3. LISTEN to the answers given by the mentor/ team member and how they close the sale. Once the person decides how they are going to proceed (either purchase or not now), they will turn the call back over to you and your will either enroll them or set up a second follow up appointment. 

  2. Mentor/Team Member’s role is to be engaging, professional and positive while they answer questions asked by the person learning about Isagenix and you listen. 


WHEN TO USE Q&A 3-WAY CALL:  As soon as the person you are sharing Isagenix with asks a question, say, "That is a great question!  I want to make sure you get all your questions answered and I know exactly who knows all that information!  Hold on one second while I get them on the phone with us."**  


This call should last only 10-15 mins with the mentor/team member. 

3-Way Welcome Call With Upline Or Team Member

The purpose of this call is to WELCOME the New Member.

Upline/Team Member’s role is to be warm, welcoming & excited

After you make a brief introduction, Team Member will share their 90 sec (tops) Isagenix Story (Business & Product) and offer support & friendship. Then HANG UP!

What This Call Is NOT:

The sole intention of this call is for your New Member to receive enthusiastic support and confirmation that he/she has made a great decision by getting started with us.  That’s it!

This is NOT a coaching call

This is NOT a question/answer call

This is NOT an upsell call

This call should last only 4-5 mins.

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