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Sample Scripts For New Associates)


(Send via text or voice memo)

Hey _________,

I’m reaching out because I made the decision to diversify my income by learning how to build an online business in the wellness space and I thought you might be interested in it too, does that sound like something that might be up your alley? 


They say yes/what is it, etc? 


You: Going to send you a quick voice note (or you can also schedule a 5-10 minute phone call/zoom)


Share your 30 second story following the below template: 


First Compliment them; The reason I thought of you, is because you’re one of the most (pay them a sincere compliment) ______ and _____  people I’ve ever met & I just think the world of you. 


As you know, I’m a _______ (enter primary income source/job), but due to everything 


(share what’s actually happening, be authentic/vulnerable, tell the truth)


I.E.: I got laid off or my job is really amazing and paying me up until or we’re anticipating layoffs, or this has been a big wake up call that I get to have a plan b, etc


Anyway,  I’ve done all the research and it looks like a really viable opportunity to earn a great income while making an impact. What I’m most excited about is the company just launched a ridiculously disruptive marine collagen product that’s getting people crazy results. 


Does any of what I shared sound like something you’d want to dive a little deeper into learning about?

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