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Collagen Enrollment Process (Inbound)


They ask for information

You: “What’s important to you when it comes to looking at a product?”

They Answer


You: “That’s great, (if true - that’s really important to me as well). I actually have a quick video that explains the product. When do you have 2-minutes to check it out?” (send downloaded video, not YouTube link)

Them: I can watch right now.

You: Perfect. Once you’re done just let me know.

Them: Ok, all done

You (at time they agree to watch the video): What are some additional questions I can answer for you?

Handle objections/Answer Questions (using these images)

Continue to ask “Are there any other questions I can answer for you?”

Them: How do I get started?

Present packs (You can use image and/or the following via text or voice memo)

There are the two best options.  If neither works for you, we can customize something that best fits your budget.

The results you've seen are from people taking 1-2 doses a day. You can do a 40 dose pack for $152 + tax & shipping.  Or you can get 60 for $204 + tax/shipping - which basically gets you 6 doses for free.   Which sounds like the best fit for you?

Them: The 6-Pack

You (send as voice memo): Great, I'm excited for you to experience this product, and you're going to be obsessed with the taste!   I customized a cart for you, here's the link, all you need to do is click through and check out.   As you check out, you'll see something called Lifestyle Rewards. That's our subscribe and save feature, it's helping you get the lowest price.  Keep in mind, you can adjust it at anytime and have no obligations. Let me know if you have any questions.  


(Insert cart link from IsaLife App)

[If they ask why shipping isn't free, let them know if they get over $300, they'll get free shipping at checkout.]

Once they've enrolled:

Would it be okay if I added you into our FB group? There's an abundance of great people, energy and resources in there.

Them: Sounds great.

You: Awesome, will do now.  Keep your eye out for the group invite.  Also, would it excite you to earn $250 just for sharing with two of your friends?

IF YES: Book Zoom to Draw or book with your Mentor

IF NO: “How much would excite you?”

Them: “$2,000”

You: “So, if I could show you a way to earn $2,000 by referring this product you'd be excited to learn? (or if I could introduce you to someone who could teach you how to each $2,000 by referring this product, would you be open to talking with them?) 


Them: Yes

Book Zoom, Draw

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