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Back Office Walk Though Script

  1. Log into your back office with the information texted to you. 

  2. Scroll down and on the left, click to become an Associate so you can be in the Eat For Free club and store all the points you earn for every purchase!  Think of it as a “Savings Account”!  This is FREE to do if you purchased an Ultimate, Value or Premium pak!  

    1. Choose a name for your website – all lowercase, no spaces.

    2. Fill in the name for recognition.

    3. If you have an S corp for your business, fill in those blanks accordingly.  

    4. If not just scroll down, just fill in your SSN, date of birth, and click NEXT! 

    5. IsaWallet is already chosen as how you get paid. 

    6. Click Save.

  3. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the Isagenix logo to return to the main page. 

  4. At the top, you will see ‘Manage Lifestyle Rewards’, “Enroll New Member’, ‘Place Order’ and ‘View and Manage Events’. 

  5. You will also see at the top of the page, under the Isagenix logo, ‘Orders’, ‘Team’, Resources’, Contests & Promotions’ and ‘Reports’.

  6. Click on ‘Orders’ underneath the Isagenix logo.  If you ever want to place a one time order, click on “Place Order”, click your country, the next.  Here you can add products individually.  Your shipping address and payment information are already stored.  Just complete Click on “View Coupons” and if you purchased a Value or an Ultimate pak, in 24 hours, you will have a $25 or $50 coupon to use for product or I suggest you use it for IsaDelivery. 

  7. Go back up to the top and click on ‘Orders’ and choose “IsaDelivery”.  This is like Amazon Prime and it saves you money year-round on shipping.  You can use the coupon you just earned and apply it to purchasing this service and never pay shipping on any of your orders! 

  8. Now let’s go back to the first page and click on Lifestyle rewards.  This is where you can customize your monthly orders.  You will see 3 boxes at the top from left to right, shipping, payment and Lifestyle Rewards.  The first box is where you can update any shipping information, the center box for is where you update your payment information, and the third box is for your Lifestyle Rewards.  First, let’s go to lifestyle rewards to make sure you earn the maximum amount of points every month by changing the frequency to every 29 days.  Right underneath that box, you see a green button to add Products to your next order.  When you scroll down, this is where you see what products are going to be sent to you. You can edit the flavors and quantity of the items or delete it.  Once you are done adding and editing, you can see subtotal, BV, shipping, tax and total.  To stay in the Eat for Free club, makes sure every order you place is at LEAST 100 BV so you can store your volume, adding to your ‘savings account’ each month.  At the very bottom, you see the space where you enter a coupon so anytime you earn a coupon, just click on “apply coupon” any coupon that can be used will be applied to your order. 

  9. Now, scroll up to the top of the page and click on “Contests & Promotions”. This is where you can see all the types of bonus, promotions that Isagenix offers.  Towards the bottom, you will see the one for “IsaBody Challenge”. Click on “View Contest” and then on “Go To Challenge”.  If you have already uploaded your before pics, you can see them here.  You is where you track your progress, see the due dates and upload your after pics and essay. 

  10. Also under the “Contests & Promotions” click on “Rank Advancement Bonuses” to view all your start up bonuses that are possible for you to earn when you join the eat for free club or if there’s someone you know who might really need the income boost. 

  11. Now, click on back button of your browser to return to the back office.  Click on “Resources”. If you forget how to do anything of this, there are tutorials to the right side. On the Left side, you can look further into the business side like Fast- Track to Executive and our business training.  You can also learn more about all our products here too by clicking on Product training. 

  12. At the very bottom, if you live in the US, you can sign up for full coverage group medical insurance for you and your family.  

  13. For Those doing business, here is where you can find the tutorials on how to create recommended cart. 

  14. Business internationally, sign you for international sponsorship under the “Orders” so you can share the products throughout the way. 

  15. If you have any other questions, I am here to support you.  Let’s talk again in a few days to go through your box when it arrives. 

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