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Steps to add your New Associate to the ISA-Best U Team Facebook Group

Step 1:

Let your friend know that you are adding them to the team page, ISA-Best U. 

Step 2: 

Add them to the group page by typing in their name in the "Add member" blank. 

Step 3: 

Let the person who helped you get started know that you are adding your friend. 

** If you are building business, request approval for your friend in the AH&W/ IBU FB feed. 

Ex: "Please approve Jane Smith to IBU." 

Step 4: 

Once they have been approved, ask them to check their notifications to accept the invitation. 

Step 5: 

Create a 'Welcome post' for your friend.. 

Ex:  "I am so excited to welcome our new friend, @Name, to this ROCKSTAR team!!!!  She is a woman that is laser focused on hitting her goals.  She also definitely understands the importance of health for her and her family.  The best part of this whole thing is to see the ripple effect that she’s going to have on not only her family and friends, but so many people throughout the world.

We are all here 100% to support you on your journey!!!"

Ex:  "Hey everyone please help me welcome my beautiful friend, @Name to this rockstar team! (First name) is so excited to begin her life changing transformation and to inspire everyone she knows to live their dreams!

Sharing is caring!"

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