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Steps to Add New Members to Healthy Best-U
From the Healthy Best-U Facebook group, click the invite button located at the top of the page. Search for or scroll down your list of friends until you find the person you want and click the invite button next to their name.
Go to Facebook messages to the message thread called HBU,HBG, IBU and ask for approval. Example: “Please approve (friends name) to HBU.”
Once they're approved, message your friend and instruct them to look for a notification in Facebook letting them know they have been approved to join the group. Make sure they click join or they will not be in the group and you will not be able to tag them in any posts or comments. 
Now it’s time to welcome them to the group!  Go to Healthy Best-U and follow the steps you learned in the training from our team website…...
1. Do your welcome post make sure you tag their name each time you write something.
(@Tag name) This is my private coaching group that I was telling you about. I know you will relate well to this group of like-minded, health conscious folks! It's full of coaches, trainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and people who are on the journey to better health! You will love the energy, information support here! I look forward to speaking with you again soon to answer any questions you have.!
    1.    In the first comment section.
(@Tag Name) 
 Here’s a few great short videos the importance of Isagenix and how it’s fueling your body, Make sure you take a second and watch both of them.
——-other choices.
 Here are a few short videos that show the importance of the Isagenix nutrition and how it’s fueling your body. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch them!
    3.    Find the post with the packs for the country where they live by using the featured post listing the hashtags for all the different countries and systems. Type the hashtag into the search bar for the group and find the post with the packs you need. Tag them in a comment of that post. Example:  @name, here are the options available to get you started. 
4. In Healthy Best-U, create a content post with product information, a personal experience using a product or tips you think would be helpful to the group. 
5.  Comment on 3 to 4 other post in HBU (that are not welcome posts).  This keeps the content of the page moving and prevents multiple welcome posts getting stacked together one after another. 
BONUS:  If your friend has an interest in something specific like needing more energy or clinical studies, find posts about that topic and tag them in a comment.

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